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Tuesday, 24. May 2016

of registration of the mark. nr. 30 2016 208 564

Az.: 30 2016 208 564.2 / 39

Monday, 07. Sep 2015

Seka Group offers now a high-end GPS solution for the temperature controlled transportation of liquid goods!

SEKA Cargo Telematics offers the following features in real time:

  • Temperature monitoring of the transport medium, separates each tank chamber
  • classic vehicle location and route
  • vehicle sealing or leak and chamber monitoring
  • the vehicle loading with weight indication
  • Vehicle status: on or uncoupled
  • possibility to block the vehicle brakes when the vehicle is parked
  • different alarms when leaving the vehicle from the planned route or defined locations, temperature range, speed, durability, mileage, brake wear indicator, EBS events, all via SMS or mail immediately
  • analytic tools from the vehicle, location, temperature, route and other data in PDF.
  • Software with SAP and all other major Programmes of compatible for settlement.


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Monday, 23. Feb 2015

Solutrans is the international solutions and innovations of Transportation Lyon France to be held at the Exhibition Centre Eurexpo-.

It is an exposure to the exhibitor logistics service for technological innovation and the latest trends, proposes solutions with lectures and arranging business meetings with potential buyers internationally.


 17. - 21. November 2015

Place: EUREXPO - Centre de Conventions et d'Expositions de Lyon
City: Lyon
Country: France

 more informations: Solutrans