SEKA Profile

Our vision:
We see SEKA® not only as a regionally limited company, but as a globally networked company. We use this awareness for our own further development. We want to set new standards, be innovative, the synonym for quality and service. We don't want to sell vehicles, we want to live concepts! Our constant growth is the result of mutual trust.
Our little history:


SEKA Commercial Vehicles was founded in 2004 as a private company. Originally, the focus was on the trade in used commercial vehicles of all kinds, from 2007 increased priority on food tank trailers.

From 2010

we redefined our strategies to establish the SEKA® brand on the market


Complete external production of the vehicle under its own name SEKA®


Company relocation and enlargement from 120m² to 300m² hall area and the company premises from 800m² to 3,000m²


Implementation of a rental fleet of food tanks with continuous growth


The first tanks are equipped on site according to customer requirements, any repair of the vehicle can be carried out on the site as well. The floor area of the space increased up to 800m²


Awarded as "Expert for food tank trailers" of the most well-known European insurance companies, also for third-party products for handling in the event of damage


Expansion of the hall area to 1,100 m², the company premises to 5,000 m² and an additional storage area of 500 m²


Commissioning of a modern paint shop, which increases the depth of production, i.e. the chassis are assembled completely in one place


Start building tanks including installing pumps, heating, telematics ...


Enlargement of the hall area to 2,500m² and commissioning of a welding shop, which means that the entire frame construction can be manufactured in-house. Steel construction contract manufacturing for external companies of various products


Follow-up of the internal digitalization of the work processes. Start of our own design department, among other things for the creation of the SEKA® container chassis


Implementation of corporate culture 4.0
For us, this also means opening the company internally beyond the boundaries of the division and also to the outside world towards customers, suppliers and competitors. We achieve up to date flexibility, new framework conditions in the markets, with customers and employees, by digitizing our entire added value, made by people for people.

Our customers:
Our work focuses on our customers, freight forwarders, transport companies, service providers and other vehicle manufacturers. SEKA® do not differentiate between small, medium or large customers - every customer is equally important to us.
Our resources:
Our employees are the most important resources of SEKA in a modern and dynamic environment. Realizing their personal and professional potential makes it easier for our employees to achieve their common goals.